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Discover Bruges, UNESCO World Heritage City.

Bruges is a UNESCO World Heritage City. A title that the city more than deserves! Hotel Aragon offers you tips and advice for exploring the beautiful city.

Bruges: idyllic and picturesque

The historic city centre has so much to offer! You will discover impressive buildings, magnificent monuments, and beautiful churches. You will stroll around the many pleasant squares and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. The little bridges, canals and narrow alleys acquire a new colour every season. Always different, but always breathtakingly beautiful.

Bruges: rich history

You will discover the history of this UNESCO World Heritage city through the many historic monuments. The buildings with different styles of art, each tell their own story. You get to know the Baroque, Gothic, and Romantic with a visit to these beautiful buildings. The city centre of Bruges has been preserved in an extraordinary way since the Middle Ages.

Bruges: delicious cuisine

Bruges city centre is distinguished by its wealth of small squares with delightful terraces and picturesque restaurants. You will wonder at the wide range of delicious dishes: from traditional local specialities to international haut cuisine.

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Bruges: on the move

Bruges and its surroundings offer an extensive network of walking and cycling paths. You can therefore combine a gastronomic or cultural voyage discovery perfectly with enjoying nature.


A bike ride from Bruges to the Belgian coast? Why not? Cycle along the Damme canal and enjoy the beautiful polders. Relax on a pleasant terrace in one of the many picturesque villages en route. Hotel Aragon will happily advise you about organised trips and high-quality cycle rental shops in the city.

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Are you passionate about golf? Then you certainly cannot imagine your holiday without your favourite sport.

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You can best explore the Bruges city centre by walking. You can easily walk from one side of the city to the other in half an hour. But those who like to breathe in the atmosphere take a lot longer! Allow yourself to be astonished by the unique mix of cultures and nationalities. In Hotel Aragon, we will happily advise you about walks or arrange for a walk with a guide. Of course you can ask reception for a city map.

Would you like to follow a mapped-out route? Then choose one of the Bruges walking routes of an hour and a half.

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Water sport

Do you enjoy the refreshing cool water? In and around Bruges, there are numerous water sports facilities. Go sailing or fishing on the North Sea. Go windsurfing, sailing, kayaking, swimming and angling on the Sint-Pietersplas (Saint Peter’s Lake) A diving course is even a possibility!

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